UBpro Software

UBpro software is based on a service location, meaning you have 911 addresses in your community and each one is a service location.

In UBpro the money follows the customer and the meter history stays with the service address. This gives you a true audit trail for as long as you use UBpro, no history is every erased.

Screen Shots:

If you Click on the titles below you can view screenshots of the system.

Customers Screens

Payment Screens

System Status Screen

Financial Screens

Reports Screens

Late Charge Screens


Rates Screens


    Microsoft Windows based system, net-workable for up to 20 users, Compatible with most electronic meter reading systems.
Requirements: (Minimum)
    128mb memory, 1gb storage space (5yrs), mouse, external backup device. (zip or CD-RW drive), laser or dot matrix printer.
    Pricing on UBpro depends on the number of customers and system configuration.
    Call for quote and free demo CD.
Data Conversion:
    Data Conversion is available for most systems, saving you hours of entering data.

For more information about UBpro call or E-mail

800-259-8222   sales@ubpro.com